And So a New Book Begins…

apple-jamWell, here’s my first post! I wasn’t planning on making this my first post, but this kind of happened before I managed to write about anything else and since people have been asking me about my job-hunting… well. 🙂 One of the freelance jobs that had contacted me a couple weeks ago contacted me again last night and I was officially hired today! I’ll basically be making various kinds of videos as a marketing strategy with a couple tools that I’m told are very easy to use. If I perform well and the results are good for him, there’s a chance that this could be long-term and full- or part-time. I might even become a manager of a small team by a year’s time, assuming this all goes well for both of us. I’m really hoping that I can meet his expectations. Oh, and the coolest parts about this are that I get to work from home and that this is in my field. Not to mention that it’ll add to my resume (I mean, Walmart and McDonald’s are only so interesting to look at on a resume) and experience (something more than just college assignments).

So begins a new book in the series that is my life. I’m thankful that this opportunity seems (at the moment, anyway) to be working out after all and that it may well be something I’ll enjoy.


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