“Dragon Master”, HTTYD2 Poem

IMG_3270I had started this poem not long after having seen HTTYD2, but had forgotten that it was only half-finished until a week ago. This poem is a sequel to “Dragon Conqueror“, my HTTYD1-centric poem about Hiccup. (Which then has me wondering if I’ll be writing another poem for the third movie and what I would title it… but that’s not for another two years.)

The bard from the last poem has nodragon master coverw updated his news about Hiccup and is travelling about, sharing it with folk on other islands. While he doesn’t include every detail from the second movie (for example, Hiccup’s mother, Valka, is entirely omitted), there are still spoilers (hint, hint, for those of you who like your movies unspoiled and have not yet had the chance to see the movie).

Five years ago, a travelling bard told a tale of the legendary dragon conqueror. He now returns with a new song to share.

Click here to read it!


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