“Instinct”, Young Justice fanfic

My sister and I watched a movie involving two sisters tonight and since I couldn’t think of anything else to post on short notice, I’ve decided to share a sister fic I wrote for the Young Justice fandom. I think one could make it through the fic without context. The tough strawberry-rhubarb-jam-5part about this piece is that I wrote it in very vague terms and illustrations, possibly to the point of it not getting through to
some fans of the show that do have the context. (Heh, sorry. I guess I felt like waxing poetic or something when
I wrote it.)

Eh, why not give you some context?

The show reveals that one of the Young Justice members has an older sister who ran away when the former was fairly young. This sister’s reasoning is that she hates the life they were living, with their mom in jail and their dad being a not particularly nice character. Though she seems flippant in the scene that shows her leaving, it’s shown elsewhere in the show that she really does care for her sibling. So, since I like to take scenes and figure out exactly what’s going on in characters’ minds, this fic happened in an attempt to understand and express the sister’s thought process. And being an older sister myself, I of course got to work a bit of that in. 🙂

Jade is a survivor by nature. She knows all about what it takes to rise above and live another day. It’s why she left, how she became who she is today. The only thing she doesn’t understand is the urge to go back, even if it’s only to watch from a distance.Instinct cover

Click here to read it!


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