“Rosebud”, a Short Story / Fanfiction

The following was written as a Narnia fanfiction, though honestly, the only thing that makes it a fanfic at all is that I set the story in the world of Narnia and cast Queen Lucy the Valiant as my main character. This story could have been told in IMG_3279any other setting with any other character. As such, this story requires absolutely no knowledge of The Chronicles of Narnia.

This story was born of two different sources. The first came from a rosebud on my college campus, which I happened to stroke (I like the feel of flower petals) and then compare to a totally different subject (not telling you what said subject is because finding out is a critical part of this story!). The second came from my Sci-Fi Writing class, where my prof had us all read “Hills Like White Elephants” by Ernest Hemingway. I had read the story before, I think in high school, and had written it off as a weird piece of nothingness. But then this prof opened my eyes to the brilliance of subtext. None of us in the class had any idea as to what the story was really about until he gave us a three-word statement that caused everything to fall into place. (I won’t repeat it here for the same reason I’m not telling you what my story is about!)

Anyway, point is, those two sources together birthed this little exercise in subtext. 🙂

Lucy shares the last minutes of her state visit with her friend, Lady Evia of Galma. As they pick roses in the garden, Lucy soon finds that Evia has a secret… and that she needs all the support she can get. (Rated T for thematic elements, no femslash.)

Click here to read it!



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