Little Highlights of the Day

Today went by really nicely. Work – organizing a bunch of papers and receipts and punching numbers into Excel for what my boss says is a complicated and messy file – work went at a pleasant pace. Usually, the days have felt really long – longer than a day at Walmart even though they’re the same length. It may be because my boss gave me an unexpected and significant compliment yesterday. How unexpected and significant? I felt extremely thankful for the influences in my life – particularly my parents and my school of eleven years – for having shaped me into someone my employer is happy with.
As if that wasn’t bonus enough to my day, I decided to request a song on my local Christian radio station. Honestly, I half-expected it to be number twenty on the waitlist or something, but it played at the perfect time to escort me on my last three-and-half-or-so minutes to one last interview. Don’t know why, but I got a sort of thrill when it came on before my arrival, almost like the feeling you get when you win a draw. I know it wasn’t the song itself, as much as I like it (I’ve added it to the end of this post, if you’re interested).
Funny how we – or I, at any rate – like to think, “Man, God is good,” on little bonus days like this but forget that He’s also good on the days when that’s the last thing we feel like saying. But I’m thankful for the times He decides to give a little extra dose just because He can. 🙂

(PS: If you could please pray that the tension between a job looking up (my current one) and an offer for one that I’d like to take eases, that’d be nice. I feel a little torn because I know I should probably stay where I’m at, especially with knowing that my boss is really happy with me as well as other information I’m not going to share, but at the same time, this other job, though it’s similar to what I’ve got (but on a lesser scale) is one that I’d been hoping for most of the summer and (this is the biggest bonus) it’s with a Christian non-profit organization. And both jobs really want me. I want to say yes to the new one, but I don’t want to leave the first in a lurch (and get yet another short-term job on my resume). I think I know what I have to do, but I’m afraid it’s going to hurt more than I’d like. I’ve had something a little like this before where I strongly resisted something until I finally agreed to do it… and then God shut the door. Now it feels like now that I’ve finally accepted a job I didn’t particularly want, He’s shutting the doors to two others I wanted more (I hadn’t told you all yet that the video editing contract didn’t work work out… and because of the schedule I’ve got with my current job). Funny: all summer long of no one wanting me and now I’ve finally got offers. But God’s the Creator of irony, so I guess that’s how it’s going to roll for now….)


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