What Do a Decision, Jewish Bread, and a Sucker-Punch Have in Common?

Nothing, in case you’re wondering. Unless you count me as the common factor.apple-jam (2)

This is belated news, but I made that job-related decision. Not a fun one, I can assure you, but I think I went with the best option. I’ll be staying where I’m at for the time being and maybe, someday, I’ll be able to take up the other job or one like it or, hey, maybe even my dream job. We’ll just have to see.

IMG_0204.JPGYesterday, I made a second attempt at baking challah, Jewish sabbath bread. And this time, with non-expired yeast, so it actually rose this time! And even though I was a week and a half late for Rosh Hashanah, the Jewish New Year, I made both loaves round – one a four-strand braid/weave (though I had to improvise since my strands were much longer than the video’s) and the other a six-strand braid/weave). Despite how thick the loaves were, they amazingly turned out well, fully baked to the center. I think next time I’ll try it with a little less yeast (they still have a yeasty taste to them) and use milk instead of water (non-kosher, but it makes quite a difference to the flavour.

Now the sucker-punch is less pleasant stuff. Let’s just say that I was ticked at someone I’ve never met. The same someone over whom I spent half an hour glaring at my bedroom curtains till they spontaneously combusted a little over a month ago (or at least they would have if my rage could have been converted into energy like that). Granted, this time around, I wasn’t as angry and I calmed down much sooner.


That’s what’s up with me right now. 😛



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