Just a Couple New Things…



Well, I’ve finally started that internship I first mentioned I-don’t-remember-how-long-ago. (Two months ago? Three?) Anyway as of now, I’ve written three 150-to-200-word articles based on other articles about African entertainment. It sounded less tedious when I signed up for this thing. I greatly disliked it the moment I started. I don’t know if it’s because I’m taking unnaturally long to find exps5342_HFG2661989B05_24_2bsomething to read and write about or because I simply don’t care about my subject matter or both. So here’s to hoping that things will pick up on that front because I don’t want three months’ worth of the past three days.

Oh, yes, and I found out today that my being ticked at (and momentarily wanting to sucker-punch) an anonymous person was unfounded. I found out today what the problem was and that it was resolved, thankfully!

I also found out last weekend that my department manager at Walmart had given a great reference to some people that were interviewing me. Said manager also told me that she was worried that she was going to lose me if I got that job. (I told her that she wouldn’t have since it would have been a weekday job, like the one I’ve got at the accounting services.) She went on to say that she loved having me work in cosmetics because she knows that she can come in to work on Monday morning to an orderly cosmetics department and that she can help the health-and-beauty department (as it is painfully under-manned at present) without having to worry about her own area. And another girl in cosmetics has complimented me several times too on having done a good job and turning the place from a disaster zone to “gorgeous”, as she once described it.

And I also found out today that my co-workers at my new job also appreciate me, which is really nice. Two of them complimented me on my direct-but-nice sincerity and said they were glad that I was able to add that to the environment and have my opinion respected. I have to say that I was taken aback by what they said since I didn’t realize I was doing that at all, but I am glad that I’ve been able to help them by it and that they’re happy with it.

Again, I’m extremely thankful to my parents, school, college, and friends for having all played a part in shaping me into who am I today. I’ve, of course, got lots of rough edges and all, but even so, I can’t express enough how grateful I am for all the great influences in my life.



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