Baymax Nails

strawberry rhubarbI don’t suppose inflatable robots and nails really mix, but I’m looking forward to seeing Big Hero 6 tomorrow night and felt like attempting Baymax-themed nail polish!

Originally, I’d wanted to do Baymax on one hand and Hiro on the other, but after checking Hiro’s colour scheme, I decided that that idea was too mismatched for me, so I just went with the same pattern on both hands.

big-hero-6-baymax2-600x388Polishes used:
red (NYC’s Columbus Circle Crimson)
purple (NYC’s Nolita’s Lavender)
cream (Del Sol’s Knock Out) – this should be white, I just don’t have any
dark, sparkly blue (Hismet’s dark blue) – this should be black, but I don’t have any of that either



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