“The Locket”, Sci-Fi Flash-Fiction

gimlet_large_largeI am deeply grateful to Prof Dickson for having convinced me to take his Science-Fiction Writing class. Sci-fi had never been my flavour of jam – knights in shining armour versus laser-shooting robots? I’m probably always going to side with the knights – but he got me interested enough to take the class. Now I can safely say that I can at least appreciate literary sci-fi. I’ve learned that it’s more than bots and futuristic whatevers and time travel and aliens and all the other stuff. Literary sci-fi is about asking a philosophical and/or moral question and leaving the reader to decide on an answer. I like that.the locket cover

Anyway. The following is a piece of flash-fiction that I wrote for the class – the assignment was to write a complete story in 350 words
or less. I later submitted the story to a website that accepts sci-fi flash fiction.

The locket is her last link to the sister who disappeared five years ago. But there’s more to her target than she ever guessed.

Click here to read it!


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