Crafty Christmas

Yeah, I know, Christmas is some time over. But these pictures need to be posted somewhere sometime! 😀 So I’m not a crafty person. I like crafts, but I know very little about how to do them and whatnot. But it began with a dollar store close-out sale….


IMG_0016My sister and I made this one together with a twig wreath, red Christmas ribbon, creamy ribbon, green felt, and three fake poinsettias. Thankfully, I’d helped some friends with a wreath before, which is how I learned to use a pencil to shove fabric into the wreath. 🙂


Then came the news that I’d meet up with a group of online friends and the decision to handmake gifts for all of them. And there was a Secret Santa gift exchange at work. Following instructions I’d found on the internet, I made bird-shaped tea-bag holders. I found out just a couple days after they’d dried that my giftee liked cardinals, so I painted them accordingly with acrylic paint and coated them with some semi-glossy, transparent polyurethane varnish. (In case you’re wondering, you wrap the string of the tea-bag around the bird to keep the string from falling into your tea.)



Then came the salt dough Christmas tree ornament shaped like a star holding a match. It’s an inside joke between a friend and me. 😀


IMG_0044Then using the same cornstarch dough from before, I made Narnian tea-bag holders shaped as the Pevensies’ gifts (not counting Edmund; he didn’t have a gift, so I went with his shield). All but the horn are have “hooks” of a kind on the backside to allow them to rest on the edge of the cup; the horn’s mouth performs that function.


Then there came the 3D foil picture, made with hot glue, aluminum foil, a regular IMG_0039glue stick, and black shoe polish (instructions here). The picture is of a cross and a manger and the writing reads, “He made a way in a manger to make a way to the cross.”







And then the hot glue ornament (instructions here).



And the Mirkwood Leaf pendant made ofIMG_0072 salt dough, painted with acrylics, and varnished. The shape is roughly based on the leaves of Lorien (aka the Fellowship’s cloak pins), but painted with Mirkwoodish colours.


IMG_0078This one is an Arkenstone ornament. The back is based on the decal on the Dwarvish throne. The Arkenstone is a baked marble (which makes the cracks on the inside). Behind it is a bit of white glue and a bit of light blue paint so the stone doesn’t look like the same colour as the dough.




This was the item most up my alley: younghiroandplushiebaymaxsketching! Just a bit of Big Hero 6 fanart, but I’m rather proud of it. 🙂


IMG_0083And last but not least, the wrap-around bookmark, a mix of embroidery and cross-stitch on a canvas ribbon. The button is made of salt dough. (And yes, there is a reason why I went with a giraffe and a smiley button.)

And yes, despite the crunched schedule I was on, I finished everything in time, got everything down intact, and had a blast! 😀


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