Honey Lemon Nails

We got Big Hero 6 yesterday, so I figured it was time to paint a new design: armoured-up Honey Lemon!

Honey Lemon armoured-up


The design:
The ring fingers are yellow (for her purse/bag of chemicals) with a black heart (which is on the side of her purse, unfortunately not much seen in the above image). The dots (yellow, pink, and blue across, green on the bottom) are the colours used to indicate the Periodic Table buttons (done here on my nails as a column of three yellows, two columns of two pinks, a column of three blues, and a row of two greens).
The thumbs are roughly inspired by the lines on her helmet as seen from the front.

Colours used:
– red-purple (Sally Hansen’s Hard as Nails “Pep-Plum”)
– bright orange (Sally Hansen’s Hard as Nails “Hot Tamale”)
– yellow (Sally Hansen’s Hard as Nails “Mellow Yellow”)
– black (Revlon’s 2-in-1 Nail Art Impressionist “Night and Degas”)
– light pink (Sally Hansen’s Hard as Nails “Bubblegum Pink”)
– creme-de-menthe green (Sally Hansen’s Insta-Dri “Jade Envy”)
– blue (Rimmel 60 seconds… don’t remember the exact name)


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