“Lavender’s Blue” – Cinderella fanfiction

This short fanfiction is a salute. Not to the film. Not to the actress. Not to the costume designers. This is a salute to a man by the name of Patrick Doyle, the composer of the new Cinderella film. The soundtrack is a work of art. And it only took a few seconds’ worth of this art to inspire this piece, namely, when Cinderella’s childhood lullaby is played by a grand orchestra when she descends the stairs to the ballroom.Lavender's Blue cover

Ella couldn’t have been happier. With Fairy Godmother’s gifts, it was like her parents were with her again.

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I might as well write up a short review of the movie here too.

It’s not a must-see. But it is refreshing in a way. With several fairytale retellings taking on a darker edge (*cough*, Snow White and the Huntsman and Maleficent) with twists every which way, Cinderella is exactly as we know the story (or at least the cleaned-up version told by Disney, not the original in which her stepsisters cut off their toes and heels in an attempt to fit her shoe). There are almost no surprises in here.

One thing I enjoyed about this retelling is the work on the characters. As a YouTube reviewer said, with a cartoon, one tends to not care as much about the whys and wherefores of the characters. I liked that the prince had personality, that Cinderella struggled with “be kind and have courage” (the scene in which she sobs in the kitchen making-red-currant-jelly_126917160.s300x300had a realistic feel to it), that her stepmother had something of a reasoning behind her worldview. Even the lizard-turned footman was his own character for the three minutes of screentime he had and the artist who painted the prince’s portrait has got to be one of my favourite parts of the movie.

That being said, there were bits of this movie that simply didn’t belong. The stepsisters were, in the same reviewer’s words, “cartoony”, though I was able to accept it better from them than I did the stepmother. For the most part, she was rather like Mother Gothel from Tangled, but then there were times that she was just over-the-top awkward. And it wasn’t just characters that seemed odd, but situations also, such as the bit in which the pumpkin grows and nearly crushes Cinderella and her Fairy Godmother.

As mentioned above, though, it’s the music that is the crown of this feature. I frankly hardly noticed it during the movie, but listening to it on its own… well, it’s good stuff!

In my book, Cinderella has earned an average rating.


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