Thinking for Oneself

One of my online acquaintances has often referred to himself as being “liberal”. Based on the sort of stuff he posts to facebook, yeah, I’d agree with him. But a couple months ago ago, I commented on a Bible-based Narnia fanfiction that he wrote, and we briefly discussed interpretations of something and he mentioned that he likes to think over passages of Scripture on his own, rather than just taking what his priest, the pope, or anyone else in the Roman Catholic church says (in case you didn’t catch it, he’s Catholic). He said he was “liberal like that”.

krusbarsgrottorDespite knowing how he is about other topics, but I knew he wasn’t “liberal” in this case. More like “wise”. And I told him as much.

Not because I disagreed with what the Roman Catholics said about what we were discussing. Not because I have other points of disagreement with them. They and their theology have absolutely nothing to do with this.

I commended him for thinking for himself.

In this part of the world, we’re pretty lazy creatures. We just take in whatever anyone feeds us. And it’s actually rather scary how easily and quickly we swallow it without another thought. Such-and-such philosophy must be right because so-and-so makes such a pretty case for it. Teacher said it and it was on the test, so…. Well, that Bible verse is on the screen and the preacher’s talking, so that must mean that that’s what God meant when He said that.

I’m not saying that we shouldn’t listen to what others have to say. I just mean that we should take initiative and look into things for ourselves.

I wish everyone – myself included – followed my acquaintance’s example more often. Think about what that politician is proposing. Consider the theme of that story and what the story does about it. Crack open the ol’ Bible and find out the context in which Jeremiah 29:11 or Philippians 4:13 sit. (Wait, they have context? Yeah. And they might not be what you were expecting if all you think of are those verses.)

Think out of the box by doing some thinking of your own.


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