I Entered a Cooking Contest?!

Okay, so this isn’t news to me, considering that I entered the contest back in April, but it may be news to you. (I don’t remember who I told about it.) Anyway, I’m a participant on a Narnia fansite called TheLionsCall.com (as well as a moderator and co-contributor to the writing contests and YouTube channel) and one of my online friends had suggested that we do a Narnia-themed cooking contest.

(And with me being me, I suggested doing a video when she started talking about ways to announce the contest and post its rules.) 

Anyway, besides the many hours I put into that video, I also decided I would enter the contest as well. Narnia and food. Sounds like a good combination to me. 😀

One of my entries is one that’s been a staple at home ever since I went to England: cornish pasties. Pasties are mentioned in two different places in The Chronicles of Narnia: in The Horse and His Boy, Shasta finds a meat pasty, among other things, in Bree’s saddlebags; in Prince Caspian, Caspian and Dr Cornelius crave venison pasties.
Mine contain ground beef, potatoes, and onions. Though they didn’t win, they are delicious, if I do say so myself.
pasty (1)pasty (4)

Another entry comes from Israel, or at least an Israeli cookbook: honey cake. It’s not a sweet cake and I imagine it’d go very well with a nice cup of tea. While honey cake doesn’t feature in the world of Narnia (at least, not in writing), I thought that anyone in that world would like this cake. As the recipe is from the Middle-East, though, I guess the Calormenes may be the most likely to eat it. This, however, was not selected as a winner either.
Jewish honey cake (1) Jewish honey cake (2)

My biggest entry was a cake inspired by the Four Thrones as seen in the first film.
One of the reasons I made this cake was because I’d baked extra in the event I messed up on my sister’s Baymax cake. So I cut the two 9″-round cakes in half horizontally and then placed and trimmed them in the back to form stairs. This got covered over in fondant.
The thrones were the toughest part to make since they were so small (about two inches tall) and had six fondant pieces to “glue” together with water. Each of them features a small version of the images that are carved into the film’s thrones (Edmund’s sword breaking the Witch’s wand, Peter’s sword, Susan’s horn, and Lucy’s cordial).
The “stained glass window” behind the thrones is a (rough) peacock, though not true to the film’s design. I made it with homemade hard candy and melted chocolate
Then I squirted some frosting to the edges to finish it up.
And this is the entry that won. 😀
IMG_0009 IMG_0010 IMG_0014 IMG_0026


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