Your Friendly Neighbourhood Voter

You know what would be a fantastic idea? I should go vote for the 2015 Canadian federal elections in a full Spiderman costume, mask and all. Seriously, I’m curious as to how that would go down.

img40031.475x317Why, you ask? I don’t know who of my American readers might know about this, but up here in Canada, there’s been something of a big deal going on about the government allowing Muslim women to wear full face-coverings while taking the oath of citizenship. As in, yes, that was recently allowed. Allowed on the grounds that to force them to uncover their faces whilst doing so would be unconstitutional, Islamopobic, bigoted, etc.. is one of the forces up here trying to fight that (among other things) and they sent one of their reporters to test out his voting in a full covering outfit (video below).

Yeah. That’s why I want to know how they’d take it if someone voted in the guise of Spiderman (or anyone else that wears face-obscuring stuff). Probably make the jokester reveal himself, in all honesty, since there’s no religion that demands the wearing of Spidey masks. But if someone wearing a niqab can vote without unveiling even for a few seconds just to confirm her (or in the case of the video, his) identity, then, theoretically, what would be the problem with the Spidey mask?

So far as religious freedom goes, I found out that this has happened before. In 2003, the Alberta government changed the law about drivers’ licenses, requiring a photo. A group of Hutterites appealed, saying that photographs of themselves would violate their religious beliefs. The verdict? Yeah, photo ID was against their religious beliefs, but it’s minor and for security reasons.



I fail to see the difference.

Too bad I don’t have the guts to try voting as Spiderman just to test it out.


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