Chocolate Footballs

ananas-marmalade1Thanks to my sister’s interest in cake decorating, she again thought of a birthday cake idea for Dad. Last year, we did one of Olaf from Disney’s Frozen, but this year, she had a simpler idea: football. Instead of taking him out to supper like she had last year, Mom got him out of the house around 10:30 and didn’t return till about 4:00 – much more time than we had last time! I didn’t anticipate having so much time, though, so I had a plan: we’d bake the cake first, then immediately start working on a batch of cinnamon swirl sugar cookies I’d found a recipe for so that the cinnamon would chase away the smell of chocolate.

My original thought with the cake was to bake a 9″-round cake (like the recipe called for) and then trim off enough toIMG_1053 make a football shape and use the excess to form the threads on top of the football. But I underestimated exactly how much I’d have to trim, so I had way too much excess. So I switched tracks, took only a little of the excess to form the threads with, and then just whipped up some green buttercream icing to cover the rest as a semblance for grass. I found out that one doesn’t necessarily need icing to make a cake-pop mixture (which I need to form the threads of the football), so I just worked in enough milk to make the crumbs stick, then covered them over in white chocolate, which I also used to paint on the stripes and the wording.

So next time I try this, a rectangular cake would be more desirable and I will not actually cut out the football. And maybe I should look into a butterscotch icing or something so the football has the right colour….


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