“Midnight”, Sci-Fi Flash-Fiction

DSC02601_grandeSorry, guys, I haven’t written up anything new. Been really busy….

Despite how busy I was in Israel during my semester there, this story begged so hard to be written that it simply had to be, even if it proved to be trickier to compose than I’d ever expected. I had gone into it with the determination to write it in 600 words or less so I could submit it as a flash-fiction to 365tomorrows.com. I had more problems with keeping to that word count than I had with “The Locket” at its 350 words, and that’s saying something! But at last, I finished it, had several people read it, then fixed it up here and there as best as I could without giving away the story and without exceeding the word limit. midnight

I will say that something in Israel heavily inspired this piece of writing, but I won’t specify what it is as it would give away the story. 🙂

During a nighttime attack, young Sera asks Daddy for a story. He tells her a fairytale of a prince and a princess and an evil fairy. Little does she know that this fairytale doesn’t have your typical ending.

Click here to read it!


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