Two and Two Together Does Not Equal 25,000

So I should probably be using this time to pray for Canada’s leaders, but what are they thinking?! (Oh, wait, I’m not so sure they are anymore.)

I’m not a very political person. I hardly know about what goes on in any level of government. And I’m only so well-informed. But. I know enough to say this: “Six jets isn’t a whole lot to begin with and 25,000 Syrian refugees is a whack-load more than we should want to deal with right now.”

Look, I want to give aid the people fleeing their country because a group of radical madmen are going about and killing them. In case you didn’t know, that’s how my mom came to Canada: the North Vietnamese invaded the South and she and her family fled.

What I don’t want is the possibility of Paris, November 13, 2015 happening again in Canada. I don’t want it happening anywhere else, for the record, but I really don’t want it coming here.

Does that mean I think that the 25,000 refugees are ISIS supporters? Nope. But look at the damage eight did in France last week. Not to mention that we already have ISIS supporters in our borders… and not all are from “over there”.

People make mistakes, yes. People say dumb things, yes. People do stupid things, yes.

But saying, “Bring ’em on in with open arms because what happened in Paris won’t happen here and because at least a couple of the terrorists in that attack weren’t discovered to have blended in with the migrants that entered the country and because we’re totally on their hit-list?” Forgive me for thinking that you’ve got more than just a couple wires crossed.

As for the French ambassador who, two days after the Paris attacks, told Canada to open up our arms to even more refugees… I have no words.

I say wait and see what unfolds… and get those measly six fighter jets back out there and then some. Since when was sitting back in such situations suddenly the good thing? I’ve joked with my American friends about how America took their sweet time to officially join the World Wars. Now Canada’s pulling out of the fight? Why? Because we’re too politically-correct to fight any more or maybe, hmm, I don’t know, make a good effort to try to keep the dangerous ones out?

There’s a difference between finding a bear shambling along outside your cabin and feeding it when it comes to the window. Wake up, you dimwits, before you invite the bear to dinner only to find that you’re the dinner.


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