He Made a Way in a Manger

IMG_4658Christmas is almost upon us. And this year, more than ever, I’m reminded of the end goal of Jesus’ time on Earth, namely, that He came to die on the cross to “save His people from their sins”, as the angel told Joseph. Two of my favourite Christmas songs emphasize this (I know other carols do as well, but these ones are even smack in the titles) and I wanted to share one of them with you here.

And God has got some seriously impeccable (infallible) timing. I logged onto WordPress today with the intention of sharing the whole album that the above song is on (and really, it’s worth checking out), but that was two and a half hours ago. I spent most of that time chatting with an online friend… a conversation I’m glad happened. Please. Please, please, please pray for her. She is so very lost – actually has been for a few years, though I never knew – and (apparently) not interested in being found. She knows the truth, I know she does, but she’s full-on rejecting it now. The things she told me, she’s told no one else. And they were so terrible in their impact, I’ve felt a pain I’ve never felt before and have been crying for the whole two and a half hours. I didn’t realize before that pain just how much I love and care about her. I don’t know what heartbreak feels like, but this might be close if this isn’t it. Please pray that the Lord will guide her back home and that He would give me thing words to speak if He intends on working through me. Whether it happens this Christmas or next Christmas or nowhere near Christmas at all, I hope she’ll come to realize that “He made a way in a manger, away through the Son, Messiah, the promised, before time had begun. For God so loved this world though He knew what love would cost, He made a way in a manger to make a way to the cross.”

Thank you in advance for your prayers and may you have a merry Christmas as you commemorate the birth of our Saviour.


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