History is Made by Stupid People

This post bears the title of a silly song by a silly Canadian group (viewable here). My post, however, is not making light of anything. And as I’m not joking around, that also means that I really mean it when I say “stupid people”.

[stoo-pid, styoo‐]
1. lacking ordinary quickness and keenness of mind; dull.
2. characterized by or proceeding from mental dullness; foolish; senseless.
3. tediously dull, especially due to lack of meaning or sense; inane; pointless.
4. annoying or irritating; troublesome.

The provincial government of Alberta, our beloved (sarcasm) New Democratic Party (NDP) has recently proposed a new school rule: kids who identify themselves as being a certain gender (eg: a boy who says he’s a girl) are to be allowed to join the gender demographic of their choice in activities (eg: sports teams, etc) and shared spaces (eg: washrooms, locker rooms, even hotel rooms on extended school trips). Say what?!

(Here is the video I learned this from, if you want to take the time to watch the first two-thirds of it. I’ll just be expressing some thoughts below, so you’ll get the gist of at least a portion of it even if you skip the video. Note that the video contains a couple excepts from a court document on a rape case.)

Fortunately for me, my sister’s not going to have to deal with finding a boy (or a man, as apparently relatives of school students can abide by this stupid rule too) in the girls’ washroom at her school because the school won’t allow it and besides, they’re all single-user washrooms anyway. But how many girls in other schools are going to be potential victims of humiliation on any level, especially in the teen demographic? I can’t tell the future, but it’s not a stretch of the imagination to guess how rape stats are going to rise. And stats aside, think of all the individual people who are going to be shattered by this! Behind every rape is a person. Does that not bear consideration?

Have they put no thought into this? And all for what? I’m sick and tired – and sick and tired all over again – with the whole, “oh, but don’t hurt the poor child’s self-esteem, he’ll be ruined for life!!!!” mindset. Bull. This generation is more than self-obsessed enough without “gender identity” baggage. Nevermind the fact that since being gay or transgender is acceptable and cool and thus (apparently) must be forced on the majority of the population that aren’t, whether or not they’re accepting of deviant-sexuality culture (or whatever-it’s-called / whatever-you-want-to-call-it).

And if this is going to be put into effect at schools, how long will it take to put it into effect in public places? It’s already happened in Ontario: a thirty-year-old, prior sex offender walked into a women’s shelter, was let in because he said he identified himself as a woman, then proceeded to rape some of the legitimate women there. Thanks a lot, government, Alberta or not, NDP or not. You’ve done a great service to your country and should be proud of yourselves (sarcasm).

Attention NDP:

Prepare yourselves, because if my little sister is attacked thanks to your (at this point in time, proposed) bathroom/change room/what-have-you school rule, you will be responsible.

For the sake of being “tolerant” (faugh! allow me to get you a dictionary) and whatever pretty terms you want to spoon-feed us, you’re willing to break down other individuals’ rights and dignities, the structure of the family (as if it’s not been broken down enough over the past few decades!) and the authority of parents, the safety of schools and the free will of the boards thereof, the freedoms of speech and religion, and what few things this sordid-enough society still holds sacred.

I’ll also point out that there are way too many cases of sexual harrassments and assaults in Alberta, in Canada, and the whole world (have you paid any attention to the spike in rapes in Europe?! that’s not even counting the millions that have happened before that!); allowing males (whether they really do identify themselves as female or are only doing it for the “perks”) access to female-only zones (and vice-versa) is just begging for trouble in the lives of people you are also supposed to be representing too, lives you have no business inviting such trouble into or interfering with, thank you very much. This particular family has no interest in having to deal with even the possibility of such atrocities. Are you prepared to deal with the brokenness and hurt and outrage that will follow if you push this agenda through? You’re getting enough flack for everything else you’ve done; you don’t need another ill-conceived downfall to be responsible for. Save yourselves the trouble of all that (and, frankly, more) by not setting these “guidelines” in motion. They are over-the-top, have great potential to be degrading and/or harmful to the majority of our kids, and do not take into account cultural, societal, relational, and personal ramifications.

Just a head’s-up, if some “poor soul” of a pervert comes crying to you because my sister or a defender has kicked him where it hurts or blinded him in order to, I dunno, get away and not get raped, then his injuries will fall back on himself and on you. It’s called self-defence and we have a right to defend ourselves, especially if you won’t.

The limits of my anger have not yet been tested. I suggest not trying to find out if I am capable of turning into a green rage-monster.


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