The Most Powerful Stories of All

In the past few months, I’ve been taking in an unusual amount of WWI and WWII books and films – a couple fiction, but most non, the majority of which have revolved around prisoners of war. And I’ve come to realize something that I thought appropriate to share this week.

This realization came when I was discussing three films with an online friend who has also been taking in much of the same material of late. The films in question were To End All Wars, The Railway Man, and Unbroken, all of them non-fiction WWII POW stories, all of them powerful in their own right. All three stories included a certain element, but while it was an afterthought in Unbroken, it was one of themes in To End All Wars, and the absolute point of The Railway Man.


We all know forgiveness as something we want to receive. We know the freedom that comes in giving it. We know that it’s sometimes the last thing we want to bestow on particular people. We recognize the virtue of forgiveness and applaud those who are able to forgive after all they’ve been through.

And that got me thinking… what is it about forgiveness that inspires and moves us so? Does it perhaps resonate with us because of the Greatest Story of Forgiveness Ever?

This is what I’m taking with me as go through this next week and remember the Divine forgiveness extended to me. Have a blessed Passion Week 2016!


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