Smeagol is Freeeee!!

I haven’t given you guys an update in a long time, so it’s high time for that.

For starters, I am officially down to one job now and I’m basically doing the Smeagol dance right now:

I resigned from my second job as part-time, at-home treasurer for a non-profit organization for organic farmers. I had been conflicted about the decision for a few months, but after talking to my parents and a co-worker, I finally decided to write a resignation letter late in February. It wasn’t until I’d written the letter, though, that I really discovered how much I wanted to quit that job. Don’t get me wrong, I’ve learned a lot in the past year, but I’m thinking that the organization would best benefit from someone who understands the bookkeeping portion of the job better than I. Besides that, I have interests – like reading, writing, and video stuff – that I haven’t had much chance to do with the second job, so free time is plenty welcome! I am still available to the new treasurer in case of questions, but apart from that, I’m done, gone! (Or at least, will be as soon as I’m no longer a signing authority. We’re working on that now.)

Besides that, there’s not a whole lot else I’ve been up to besides having just finished off another World War book. I’ve been reading those in the past few months thanks to the influence of an online friend who has a great interest in those time periods. She seems to keep on finding interesting-sounding books, so I end up reading them too. They’ve been great reads, though.

This week, I’ll be working on a birthday cake for my sister’s birthday party as well. She doesn’t know what I’ve got planned yet, but I’m going to make a cake that looks like Vanellope’s race kart from Disney’s Wreck-It Ralph; I’ll post pictures after it’s made! I’m hoping it’s as manageable as I think it will be. We’ll just have to see.

Oh, and I nearly forgot! The last scene of my short film was filmed last week. We did the ending first since most of the area still looks surprisingly brown despite the early spring we got. This is important as it will distance the ending of the film from the “first act” in both time and feeling. We hope to complete the whole thing in time to submit it to a Christian film festival (where I met my cameraman last year), but depending on when we wrap up filming and get this thing edited, I’m not sure we’ll be able to. Oh, well. 🙂

Well, that’s what I’m up to nowadays.


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