New Adventures

And again, I’ve been terrible about writing up anything. My bad.

Due to my poor timing, though, I at least have a couple things I can tell about!

First off, I flew down the California to attend the wedding of two of my friends from college! It was the first wedding-of-a-friend’s I’ve  IMG_1308   ever been to, not that it wasn’t special without that extra distinction. 🙂 It was a lovely, lovely thing to have been a part of. I even managed to avoid my fear of being underfoot all day: I ran around as a go-for, running messages, grabbing things, lending a hand, even pinning top-heavy boutonnieres! Which is not a wedding experience I’ve had either – the closest I had to that was the time I did a short film for college, but even then, the most I did for the portrayal of the wedding was buy the dress and some of the decorations, so it doesn’t count. 🙂

IMG_1527While I was down there, I also got to visit Disneyland with the bride’s sister and cousin, which we took at a relaxed pace (partly because laid-back is a good way to do Disneyland and largely because we were tired from the wedding!). Extra little bonus was that this year was Disneyland’s 60th anniversary. We also spent an afternoon with a couple other friends, one of whom made little paper dolls of my favourite professor – he now has a place of honour by my desk.

Two weekends after my California visit, my family and I went to see the circus – for the first time all together! I had received a notification of cheap tickets from Groupon and so we went. It was a lot smaller than I expected – every other time I’d been to the circus, IMG_0210it was in a big building with tons of seating and tall chain-link fences, but this one was actually in a tent. The show was still very good though, aside from some questionable outfits, too much bathroom humour from the (not very funny anyway) clowns, and a limited trapeze act. My favourite acts were the horse-riding tricks, the quick-change magic (I strongly suspect that I’ve seen those two on America’s Got Talent – the act was almost exactly the same, just different outfits), and the suspended-ribbon acrobatic act (whatever it’s actually called). The most surprising thing, though, was that the ringmaster himself was one (or maybe two) of the acts. I just haven’t heard of that happening, though, now that I have, I’m sure it happens a good amount.

Last adventure here is one that hasn’t happened yet. We’re going to vacation in British Columbia this summer. My parents have been there before, but that was before I was born, so this’ll be my first time. I’m looking forward to the break and new scenery to take pictures of!


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