Humans = Bundle of Hypersensitive Nerves?

I’m just gonna say it: Dear Society in General, grow a skin and get a life.

Look, tactfulness, friendliness, willingness to hear the other side of the story – that’s all great. Hate speech, terror acts, bullying – that’s all not. I think we can all agree on that, yes?

But come on, do we have to be so blinkin’ touchy about some comments? or blow things out of proportion? or be, I dunno, one-sided?

I don’t care what issue (real or not, controversial or not) is on the line here. The portrayal of female leads in films? A bakery’s refusal to bake wedding cakes for homosexuals? Police of one skin tone shooting men of another?

Yes, people have feelings. Yes, terrible things can happen when a person is dragged down all the time. Yes, there are consequences for actions. Yes, we can all make efforts to not be bullies.

But oh my word. There are other ways of making films with strong female leads than gender-swapping the originally-male character. There are other bakeries all over the place that would be happy to take your money for a gay wedding cake. And, I’m sorry (seriously not-sorry), but the lives of white policemen are every bit as valuable as the lives of the black people whose deaths sparked #BlackLivesMatter.

All of this hypersensitivity is getting society nowhere but into a big hissy fit. There are bigger things to worry about than the possibility of offending absolutely anyone. Opinions are your very own, personal thoughts on a matter. Everyone is entitled to them. But oh noes, I’z going to offend someone with my stoopid, uneducated, and clearly biased blog post!! Not like the people I’m potentially offending haven’t done exactly the same to someone else. I’ll acknowledge their right to their opinions if they’ll acknowledge mine.

But nope. Everything has to be about race, age, gender, sexuality, religion, height, weight, IQ, fashion, status, education, and who-knows-what-else.

Get over it. Society wants an all-around respect? Then let’s have it, ’cause I’m not seeing it from those who have no better hobby than to rail and harp and whine and criticize and bully.


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