Between being busy and then not feeling motivated to write something here when I wasn’t busy, I guess I let a whole month slip by. My bad.

But a large part of said busyness was due to the fact that I was applying to new jobs almost every night. I’ve been increasingly frustrated with stuff at my current job over the past several months, which started an earnest frenzy of applying for other places of employment more recently. As of this past Friday, that search came to an end when I received an offer of employment Image result for apple jamfrom another accounting firm. The position is higher up than where I’m at now, but they are aware of my experience level and lack of schooling, so it’s good to know that they’re willing to work with me on that. I’ll admit to being really nervous about it, though. And I’ll miss my coworkers. They keep on saying that having a team like ours is really rare and I believe them. I’ve always got along with my coworkers in the past, but I’ve never had anything like what I’ve got with them before….

Anyway, another contributor to my busyness is the fact that I’ve also been looking at doing some continuing education. I have about a dozen sheets of paper filled out with stuff for different programs at different schools in the area, but had no idea which to take. I could expand on my education (graphic design, video, communications, etc) or on my experience (accounting). Well, with this new job, they had this benefit that gets them to partially reimburse me for accounting-related schooling. Since this position is above me in several ways, I figure I might as well get some education down that route so that, at the very least, I can do my job better.

I’m really thankful for these opportunities to grow, even if I still don’t want to do this for the rest of my life, as it stands now. But we’ll see what God has in store.

I think that’s pretty well it, for the time being. Leastwise, I can’t think of much else. So I’ll clock out here!


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