About the Jam-Slinger


“The jelly – the jam and the marmalade,
And the cherry- and quince-“preserves” she made!
And the sweet-sour pickles of peach and pear,
With cinnamon in ’em, and all things rare! –
And the more we ate was the more to spare,
Out to old Aunt Mary’s! Ah!”
~ James Whitcomb Riley

I’m sure you’re asking why this blog is so jam-packed (sorry, couldn’t resist) with jam talk.

I am several things, as demonstrated by my “jam flavours”. Christian. Reader. Video-Maker. Sister. College Graduate. Writer. Movie-Watcher. Friend. Reader again. Graphic Designer. Story-Lover. Fangirl. Amateur Photographer. Writer again. Daughter. Pretended Artist. Music-Listener. Thinker. Multi-Tasker. Reader again. Writer again. Oh, and if all the jam stuff hasn’t tipped you off, I’m absolutely… wait for it… fruity (“insane”, for those of you who don’t have dictionary or thesaurus handy)! Reader again. Writer again. Basically, a fan of story, particularly the well-told sort. Stories that make me think are even better. The ones that make me think of new things no matter how many times I read/watch/listen to them are just plain amazing.

Now, am I actually a fan of jam? I like jam, especially the less traditional kind, but give me a choice between butter or jam on my toast, I’ll go for the butter the majority of the time.

So why all the jam? I had three ideas for a blog name, but settled on “le Jam” as it mirrors my initials. The theme grew from there. Believe it or not, there’s a formula to my fruitiness. 😀


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