Catalogue of Flavours

“Hot crumpets with butter and jam – what could be more ambrosial?”
~ William Boyd, Any Human Heart

I had said in my “About the Jam-Slinger” page that there is a formula to my fruitiness. So also with the jam-flavoured categories I’ve set up. Just in case you were at all curious. 🙂

Concord Grape = spiritual matters. Purple is a royal colour and grapes have long been associated with luxury. It was the only jam flavour that really seemed to make sense in pertaining to the King over all high kings.46294

Gooseberry = random rambling thoughts. What fruit sounds more random that a gooseberry? Okay, probably a few, but it was the most random one I saw on the list I was looking at.

Raspberry Habenero = reading and writing. It’s a mix of the ordinary and the totally unexpected and said unexpected element has a spicy kick to liven things up. Because most authors are, by definition, insane to some point or another.

Orange Marmalade = graphics and art. Sweet, zesty, and fun.

Strawberry Rhubarb = fandoms. A whole world of flavour awaits with my list of fandoms, just as is the case with strawberry rhubarb.

Blueberry = reviews. A picture says a thousand words, a book says a thousand pictures, a movie says a thousand of each, and a tiny blueberry gives a burst of flavour.

Red Currant Jelly = film and videos. The occasional dash of something different.

Apple = personal updates. Because I’m an absolute sucker for all things apple.

Plum = music. Rich, crisp, and purple on the outside. Soft and orange on the inside. Music is many things. (Note: I’m not a music-maker, so this category is for others’ music.)

Pineapple = baking. Thanks to my sister’s interest in cake decorating, I’ve become interested as well. Which was surprising. More surprising than my finding out that there’s such thing as pineapple jam, but pretty close!


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