“Dragon Conqueror”, HTTYD poem


As How to Train Your Dragon 2 is coming out tomorrow, I figured this would be a perfect time to share a little poem I wrote last year. The idea for this poem came from season one of the HTTYD “Dragons” TV show. One of dragon conquerorthe villains refers to Hiccup as the “dragon conqueror”. He doesn’t realize till later that Hiccup is a dragon-rider, not a dragon-killer. So I wondered how this character had heard of Hiccup in the first place and decided that perhaps someone who travels amongst the viking isles could have spread the story (there is one character in the show who tells stories of his travels, so there’s bound to be others). So this poem was born.

Rumour has spread far and wide about the nameless Dragon Conqueror – the great man who is as strong as he is tall, as powerful as the beasts he defeats, and as fierce as every Viking dreams of being. But a travelling bard is out to set the story straight with a tale of a mere boy with an entirely different skill set.
Click here to read it!


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